Exercise is all you need to lose weight

Busting it:


Of course, we know that this is not true. It is equally, if not more important to ensure that a healthy balanced diet is in place as well and that you are maintaining a “caloric deficit”. This refers to the amount of energy we take in through everything we consume throughout the day. This energy value must remain lower then our output of energy each day. This is where our exercise sessions come in!


Having a great workout will significantly increase the demand on energy that your body requires. It does this temporarily and also more permanently through physical adaptations that slowly increase our basal metabolic rate. The sum of our basal metabolic rate and output of energy due to physical activity completed throughout the day gives us our total energy output.


So, our total energy output subtracting our total energy input needs to have our body looking to liberate energy from another source. This other source (should our exercise activity and eating habits be balanced correctly) is our stored fat. The fat we carry on our bodies is simply stored energy.


At some point we have had energy input in excess and our body has responded by storing that energy in the form of fat for later use. As we know however, storing excess amounts of fat can have significant health implications which can impact on every part of our lives.


Losing weight is a hard process. However, I have had every client who has to come to me for this reason, improve their weight and their lives dramatically through careful programming of the above aspects.


Luckily, the science of weight loss isn’t all that complicated. Of course, a strong understanding of the more subtle details of this science can have a significant impact on your results as well.


This is where your choice of exercise professional becomes important. Make sure its a good fit and commit to the process of changing your lifestyle for the better.


The journey is most definitely a worth while one.

Accredited Exercise Scientist, Grant Bechney