I need to use gym equipment to get strong

Busting it:


The main issue here is that body weight training takes patience and it takes commitment and we all know how time poor and impatient us humans are. This is why many people don’t succeed when it comes to building a great physique when using body weight training.  It takes too long and is too hard to stick to for the long run and why you will most likely turn back to the good old bench press and bicep curls.


However if you can stick with it and put in the hard yards, play around with a few of the principals and programs outlined here, I am certain you will begin to see the results you have hoped for and will give you another tool in your belt when heading to the gym. The key is to find variety in training so that you don’t get stale, bored and tired of the same old program week in and week out.


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Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Adam Martin